questions about matthew 10-12_About 3 weeks ago we began our new sermon series through Matthew, chapters 10-12 and have made our way to Matthew 10:31 so far. We would like to encourage all of our church family to read through these chapters carefully yourself in order to gain the full benefit of each week’s sermon. If you have questions about anything you read or something you heard in a recent sermon, we want to know them! Simply write them down on your Connection Card and place it in the offering plate or email them to pastor Barry at Once we have a handful of questions, we’ll commit an entire podcast episode to answering them!

Don’t forget, VBS will take place on June 25th-29th. Please be in prayer for our children, Vacation Bible SchoolJune 25th-29thteachers, and volunteers, as we seek to plant the truth of the gospel in the hearts of our children. You can register your child or grandchild here.

On June 4th, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jack Philips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado, who was being charged with sexual Around The Groveorientation discrimination for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. Barry and Drew hash out the details of the case and seek to shed some light on its significance for religious liberty in the United States. Click here to listen in.


Written by Drew Heurion

Drew is a follower of Jesus Christ, husband to Candace, daddy to Rawling Grace and Harper Aiden, and associate pastor at Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Warsaw, Missouri.

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