Exploring Membership

What Is A Member?
At Cedar Grove, our members are those who have repented of their sin and have placed their faith in the Person and work of Jesus Christ for their salvation. They have testified to this salvation through baptism and have entered into covenant relationship with the other members who make up our church.

Why Become A Member Rather Than Just Attend?
That’s an excellent question, and one that we hear quite often. First, by bringing you into membership, we are testifying to you that, to the best of our knowledge, you have been genuinely converted and are a follower of Jesus Christ. On those days when you are tempted to doubt your salvation or wonder whether or not you really belong to Christ, it is a great comfort to know that there is a body of believers who have testified to God’s saving grace in your life.

Second, membership at Cedar Grove is covenantal in nature. What this means is that our members have intentionally committed to take responsibility for one another’s spiritual good. The Scriptures are clear that we need brothers and sisters who can come alongside of us to encourage us in our commitment to follow Christ.

This kind of support and accountability requires that there be a mutual commitment among the body of believers toward one another. Taking the necessary steps to become a member expresses that you are ready to enter into this kind of covenant relationship with us (you can access our covenant here).

Third, membership helps our pastors to know that you desire for them to provide shepherding and care for your soul. Hebrews 13:17 teaches that pastors will one day give an account for those whom the Lord has placed under their care. Membership is the means by which we can know that you truly desire for us to be your pastors.

How Do I Become A Member?
The first step in becoming a part of our family is to fill out membership application and one of our pastors will be in touch soon! To access the application, click here.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to become a member, consider checking out one of our Get To Know Cedar Grove events.


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