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Believers in our culture face many dilemmas. One is that we have huge issues to think about, but very little time to think! Work, school, taking the kids to practices and ball games, board meetings, etc. all compete for our time and leave very little left over for us to reflect on some of the important issues in life.08-destress-reading-books-sl

It was with that in mind that we have designed this page. We hope you’ll take some time to peruse the list of articles we have below. Though they cover a variety of areas, each of them are aimed at helping you see all of life through a Christian worldview. These articles are not produced by Cedar Grove Baptist Church, but are links to  other sites which we find both trustworthy and helpful. Enjoy!

Church Matters:
Four Images To Get You Excited About Church
Three Reasons Going To Church Is A Privilege & Not A Chore
What Does It Mean To Be A Church Member?

Family & Relationships:
Enjoying Marriage Through The Lens Of The Gospel
What Is The Greatest Threat To The Christian Family Today?
How Important Is The Gospel To Parenting?
Singleness Is Not A Problem To Be Solved
When The Not-Yet-Married Meet: Dating To Display Jesus

Spiritual Growth:
Laboring For Maturity
How Can I Delight In God’s Word?
The Key To Spiritual Breakthrough
What Leads Christians Away From Christ?

What Is Sound Theology & Why Do We Need It?
The Loving-kindness Of Our Keeping King
Deadly Doctrines: Facing Evil Like Snakes and Doves



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